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Marketing your community initiatives

Is not as easy as you thought, it's time consuming and overwhelming.

The truth is, your organization needs a marketing strategy to thrive but you’ve got a lot on your plate and no time to figure out how to navigate the world of online marketing.

That’s where we come in!

Mark of the Buffalo is a social impact agency and strategic partner, specializing in branding, web design and marketing solutions to help nonprofits, foundations and purpose-driven companies get funding, build community and inspire action.

Web + Branding + Marketing

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Hi, I’m Lina Bareno

Marketing strategist and
founder of Mark of the Buffalo

I see so many leaders stuck in the hustle, spinning their wheels, frustrated that their outreach efforts just don’t seem to be paying off. In most cases, their ——– aren’t to blame. It’s the non-existent system that’s dropping the ball.

At Mark of the Buffalo we work collaboratively with changemakers like you to maximize the impact of a variety of marketing channels, including web design, email, graphic/print design, and social media – We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.