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Mark of the Buffalo

We exist to empower thoughtful leaders behind heroic brands committed to make a positive impact in the world through their products, causes and services.

With a blend of marketing and thoughtful design, we create unmistakable brands and streamlined websites that help you stand out in a crowded market place.

It’s time to connect the dots in online marketing and grow.

Our Focus Areas

We collaborate with industries on a mission to create positive change.

Government & Education # Foundations & Nonprofits # Health & Education # Climate & The Environment # Gender Equality

Hi, I’m Lina Bareno

Marketing strategist and
founder of Mark of the Buffalo

Since our launch in 2008, I’ve had the honor to work with incredible change-makers all over the world, from nonprofits, foundations and private ventures in the education, health, government, gender equality and environmental spaces.

With a blend of strategy and thoughtful design, we create streamlined websites, brand experiences and marketing strategies that help organizations achieve goals, accelerate growth and drive social change.

Web + Branding + Marketing

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